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Are BE-KIND™ snacks healthy?
BE-KIND™ snacks are a tasty and convenient way to eat the food groups that we don’t get enough of today. A healthy diet follows the basic principles that adults should eat nutrient dense (more positive nutrients for the calories) foods such as fruits, nuts and whole grains. At BE-KIND™, we make these whole foods the first and predominant ingredients in our products. Nuts are 29-76% of our nut bar recipes, or 12-30g/40g bar (average 23g).
Are BE-KIND™ snacks organic?
We are not currently pursuing organic certification for BE-KIND™ snacks. We are focused on creating snacks made with nutrient-dense, simple, whole ingredients that are not genetically engineered.
Are BE-KIND™ snacks high in sugar?
Our bars contain whole fruits and nuts sweetly bound together – just enough sugar to make it tasty. We add honey and glucose syrup to bind the bar together. The core nut bars contain 5-10g total sugar/40g serving. Added sugar is also found in the coating. The total sugar across all BE-KIND snacks ranges from 2-21g.
Are BE-KIND™ snacks high in fat/saturated fat?
Yes, because the first and predominant ingredient is nuts. Nuts are nutrient dense which means they have more nutrients for the calories. On average, the nut bars contain 209 calories and 14g of fat, more than 80% of which are healthy unsaturated fats. (Exception: Almond coconut is 58% unsaturated)
How many calories are in a BE-KIND™ bar?
On average, the nut bars contain 209 calories and 23g nuts. So, nuts provide 142 of those calories or 70% of the total calories. Nuts are nutrient dense which means they have more nutrients for the calories.
Are BE-KIND™ snacks made with Genetically Engineered Ingredients?
Genetically engineered ingredients are not used in the making of any BE-KIND™ snacks.
Do BE-KIND™ snacks contain artificial preservatives?
No, BE-KIND™ snacks are free from artificial preservatives.
What percentage of cacao do BE-KIND™’s product with chocolate contain?
Any BE-KIND™ bars that have unsweetened chocolate as an ingredient contains 100 percent cacao.
Is the cocoa in BE-KIND™ Fair Trade certified?
All of our chocolate ingredients are purchased from Fair Trade certified suppliers; however, BE-KIND™ products and cocoa are not currently Fair Trade certified.
What’s the view of key nutritional bodies and relevant stakeholders on the BE-KIND™ nutritional profile?
Most countries have food-based dietary guidelines that are similar to those defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Local nutrition policies tailor recommendations to relevant dietary customs and locally available foods.
Does BE-KIND™ use natural vanilla in its products?
Yes, we currently use real vanilla bean in select items. Other items vanilla-containing products use vanilla extract.
Are BE-KIND™ snacks gluten-free?
Yes. All BE-KIND™ snacks are gluten-free.
Are BE-KIND™ snacks suitable for vegetarians?
Are BE-KIND™ snacks vegan?
No. Most of our nut and grain based products contain honey, which may not fall within some vegan diets.
Are BE-KIND™ snacks Kosher?
Some BE-KIND™ snacks are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. BE-KIND™ snacks that are Kosher and do not contain dairy will be marked with an OU symbol, whereas those that are Kosher and contain dairy OR are formulated with dairy containing ingredients will be marked OU-D.
Are BE-KIND™ snacks Halal?
Is BE-KIND™ packaging recyclable or biodegradable? Will the packaging for BE-KIND™ products change so it’s biodegradable or there is less plastic being used?
All of our cartons will be made from recyclable material starting in 2019. We are exploring possibilities for biodegradable or recyclable films as available packaging technology evolves. We strive to use the minimal amount of packaging required to still protect product food safety and freshness.
What is BE-KIND™’s position on human rights and supporting rights of workers in its supply chain?
We have a Supplier Code of Conduct that we expect all of our suppliers to adhere to. Additionally, as of 2018, we signed an agreement to join Sedex, which is a well-known industry platform for ethical sourcing and human rights auditing. Regarding our third-party logistics providers, we monitor hiring practices for compliance and ensure that wages that are paid are competitive in the markets where we operate.

company related questions

Is BE-KIND™ a different brand than KIND?
BE-KIND™ and KIND are the same company. KIND is the designated brand in English-speaking countries while BE-KIND™ is the designated brand in non-English speaking countries.
What is the nature of the partnership with between Mars, Incorporated and Kind Incorporated?
As of January 17, 2018, Mars, Incorporated took a minority stake in Kind Incorporated, and the companies are now partnering to grow Kind Incorporated’s product offerings and business globally. Kind Incorporated was established in the U.S. in 2004 and is a leader in healthy snacks in North America. Kind North America will continue to be led by its existing management team, under the leadership of Kind Founder and CEO, Daniel Lubetzky. Meanwhile, Mars, Incorporated has now taken the lead in expanding the KIND brand outside of the U.S. and Canada. The brand will be known as BE-KIND™ in non-English speaking countries.

our guarantee

our guarantee
We absolutely love our snacks, and we’re confident that you will too! At BE-KIND™, stringent measures are taken to ensure the integrity of our snacks, from sourcing our quality ingredients, to the second you take your first bite! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us here.
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